Equipment installation and start-up

Equipment installation and start-up
  • Management of installation and construction work on the customer's site
  • Supervision of equipment installation
  • Commissioning works
  • Customer's staff training
  • Bringing equipment in line with design parameters

While commissioning, a multifaceted control over the accuracy of the installation work is performed, as well as screening for production defects in electrical devices, adjustment of the equipment operation taking into account critical loads, the conversion of the technical characteristics of electrical equipment into design consumer values.
Checking and adjusting the equipment will provide the customer with a reliable and stable future operation of the units.

Сommissioning stages:

  • Development of the commissioning program based on the design documentation; cost estimation and the approval of the completion time with the customer;
  • Design supervision; commissioning and electrical installation works on standalone control and automation panels; if defects are detected during the commissioning process, the defective equipment is replaced and the installation defects are eliminated; checking of electrical measuring devices;
  • Individual testing, parameters and characteristics adjustment; control systems testing. Upon the completion of the individual testing, the equipment is accepted into service;
  • Equipment complex testing; commissioning and testing to set up the interaction of equipment systems in various modes; no load and load testing of systems in all operating modes.

We carry out installation supervision and commissioning works for all engineering systems of an enterprise: power, gas, water and heat supply.
Optionally, the enterprise can participate in installation supervision and the adjustment of equipment and automatic process control systems.

Additionally, on customer's request, we can take part in the installation and starting up of the equipment supplied by third party sub-contractors.

Our specialists' experience and skills will guarantee the compliance of all works with high quality standards and a long trouble-free operation of units.

The full scope of installation works is carried out by the customer's employees under the supervision of our specialists. They adjust and set up the key parameters, and adapt them to the required performance.

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