About us

"KANEX TECHNOLOGY" is a branch of "KANEX" group, which carries out design, engineering, complex production and supply of equipment, materials and spare parts for the key industries enterprises, as well as technical audit and service support of equipment..

For many years "KANEX TECHNOLOGY" has been successfully carrying out the following:

With our own engineering center and design bureau, we provide customers and partners with high quality products and services. We cooperate only with approved well-known manufacturers and reliable logistic companies.

Leading Russian enterprises trust "KANEX TECHNOLOGY" in collaborative work:

Rest assured that in "KANEX TECHNOLOGY" you will find a reliable partner and an expert in solving technical issues of varying complexity.

We will be glad to consult you and help you to make the right choice!

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bldg. 37, 13 2nd Zvenigorodskaya St., Moscow
Metro "Street of 1905"
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